QEMU version 2.10.0 released

01 Sep 2017

You can grab the tarball from our download page. The full list of changes are available in the Wiki.

Highlights include:

  • Support for ACPI NUMA distance info and control over CPU NUMA assignments via ‘-numa cpu’ parameters
  • Support for LUKS encryption format in qcow2 images
  • Monitor/Management interface improvments: additional debug information available through ‘info ramblock/cmma/register/qtree’, support for viewing connected clients via ‘info vnc’, improved parsing support for QMP protocol, and other additional commands
  • QXL and virtio-gpu support for controlling default display resolution
  • Support for vhost-user-scsi devices
  • NVMe emulation support for Write Zeroes command and Controller Memory Buffers
  • Guest agent support for querying guest hostname, users, timezone, and OS version/release information
  • ARM: KVM support for Raspberry Pi 3
  • ARM: emulation support for MPS2/MPS2+ FPGA-based dev boards
  • ARM: zynq: SPIPS flash support
  • ARM: exynos4210: hardware PRNG device, SDHCI, and system poweroff
  • Microblaze: support for CPU versions 9.4, 9.5, 9.6, and 10.0
  • MIPS: support for Enhanced Virtual Addressing (EVA)
  • MIPS: initrd support for kaslr-enabled kernels
  • OpenRISC: support for shadow registers, idle states, and numcores/coreid/EVAR/EPH registers
  • PowerPC: Multi-threaded TCG emulation support
  • PowerPC: OpenBIOS VGA driver for MacOS guests
  • PowerPC: pseries: KVM and emulation support for POWER9 guests
  • PowerPC: pseries: support for hash page table resizing
  • s390: channel device passthrough support via vfio-ccw
  • s390: support for channel-attached 3270 “green screen” devices for use as guest consoles or additional TTYs
  • s390: improved support for PCI (AEN, AIS, and zPCI)
  • s390: support for z14 CPU models and netboot/TFTP via CCW BIOS
  • s390: TCG support for atomic “LOAD AND x” and “COMPARE SWAP” operations, LOAD PROGRAM PARAMETER, extended facilities, CPU type, and many more less-common instructions
  • SH: TCG support for host atomic instructions for emulating tas.b and gUSA (user-space atomics), and support for fpchg/fsrra instructions
  • SPARC: fixes for booting Solaris 2.6 on sun4m/OpenBIOS machines
  • x86: Q35 MCH supports TSEG higher than 8MB
  • x86: SSE register access via gdbstub
  • Xen: support for multi-page shared rings, and 9pfs/virtfs backend
  • Xtensa: sim machine console can be directed to chardev via -serial
  • and lots more…

Thank you to everyone involved!

Deprecation of old parameters and features

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QEMU has a lot of interfaces (like command line options or HMP commands) and old features (like certain devices) which are considered as deprecated since other more generic or better interfaces/features have been established instead. While the QEMU developers are generally trying to keep each QEMU release compatible with the previous ones, the old legacy sometimes gets into the way when developing new code and/or causes quite some burden of maintaining it.

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Presentations from DevConf 2017

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There were a couple of QEMU / virtualization related talks at the DevConf 2017 conference that took place at the end of January already, but so far we missed to gather the links to the recordings of these talks. So here is now the list:

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Here is a short list of articles and blog posts about QEMU and KVM, that were posted last month.

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