QEMU version 8.2.0 released

20 Dec 2023

We’d like to announce the availability of the QEMU 8.2.0 release. This release contains 3200+ commits from 238 authors.

You can grab the tarball from our download page. The full list of changes are available in the changelog.

Highlights include:

  • New virtio-sound device emulation
  • New virtio-gpu rutabaga device emulation used by Android emulator
  • New hv-balloon for dynamic memory protocol device for Hyper-V guests
  • New Universal Flash Storage device emulation
  • Network Block Device (NBD) 64-bit offsets for improved performance
  • dump-guest-memory now supports the standard kdump format
  • ARM: Xilinx Versal board now models the CFU/CFI, and the TRNG device
  • ARM: CPU emulation support for cortex-a710 and neoverse-n2
  • ARM: architectural feature support for PACQARMA3, EPAC, Pauth2, FPAC, FPACCOMBINE, TIDCP1, MOPS, HBC, and HPMN0
  • HPPA: CPU emulation support for 64-bit PA-RISC 2.0
  • HPPA: machine emulation support for C3700, including Astro memory controller and four Elroy PCI bridges
  • LoongArch: ISA support for LASX extension and PRELDX instruction
  • LoongArch: CPU emulation support for la132
  • RISC-V: ISA/extension support for AIA virtualization support via KVM, and vector cryptographic instructions
  • RISC-V: Numerous extension/instruction cleanups, fixes, and reworks
  • s390x: support for vfio-ap passthrough of crypto adapter for protected virtualization guests
  • Tricore: support for TC37x CPU which implements ISA v1.6.2
  • Tricore: support for CRCN, FTOU, FTOHP, and HPTOF instructions
  • x86: Zen support for PV console and network devices
  • and lots more…

Thank you to everybody who contributed to this release, whether that was by writing code, reporting bugs, improving documentation, testing, or providing the project with CI resources. We couldn’t do these without you!