QEMU version 8.1.0 released

22 Aug 2023

We’d like to announce the availability of the QEMU 8.1.0 release. This release contains 2900+ commits from 250 authors.

You can grab the tarball from our download page. The full list of changes are available in the changelog.

Highlights include:

  • VFIO: improved live migration support, no longer an experimental feature
  • GTK GUI now supports multi-touch events
  • ARM, PowerPC, and RISC-V can now use AES acceleration on host processor
  • PCIe: new QMP commands to inject CXL General Media events, DRAM events and Memory Module events
  • ARM: KVM VMs on a host which supports MTE (the Memory Tagging Extension) can now use MTE in the guest
  • ARM: emulation support for bpim2u (Banana Pi BPI-M2 Ultra) board and neoverse-v1 (Cortex Neoverse-V1) CPU
  • ARM: new architectural feature support for: FEAT_PAN3 (SCTLR_ELx.EPAN), FEAT_LSE2 (Large System Extensions v2), and experimental support for FEAT_RME (Realm Management Extensions)
  • Hexagon: new instruction support for v68/v73 scalar, and v68/v69 HVX
  • Hexagon: gdbstub support for HVX
  • MIPS: emulation support for Ingenic XBurstR1/XBurstR2 CPUs, and MXU instructions
  • PowerPC: TCG SMT support, allowing pseries and powernv to run with up to 8 threads per core
  • PowerPC: emulation support for Power9 DD2.2 CPU model, and perf sampling support for POWER CPUs
  • RISC-V: ISA extension support for BF16/Zfa, and disassembly support for Zcm/Zinx/XVentanaCondOps/Xthead
  • RISC-V: CPU emulation support for Veyron V1
  • RISC-V: numerous KVM/emulation fixes and enhancements
  • s390: instruction emulation fixes for LDER, LCBB, LOCFHR, MXDB, MXDBR, EPSW, MDEB, MDEBR, MVCRL, LRA, CKSM, CLM, ICM, MC, STIDP, EXECUTE, and CLGEBR(A)
  • SPARC: updated target/sparc to use tcg_gen_lookup_and_goto_ptr() for improved performance
  • Tricore: emulation support for TC37x CPU that supports ISA v1.6.2 instructions
  • Tricore: instruction emulation of POPCNT.W, LHA, CRC32L.W, CRC32.B, SHUFFLE, SYSCALL, and DISABLE
  • x86: CPU model support for GraniteRapids
  • and lots more…

Thank you to everybody who contributed to this release, whether that was by writing code, reporting bugs, improving documentation, testing, or providing the project with CI resources. We couldn’t do these without you!