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Presentations from DevConf 2017

16 May 2017 — by Thomas Huth

There were a couple of QEMU / virtualization related talks at the DevConf 2017 conference that took place at the end of January already, but so far we missed to gather the links to the recordings of these talks. So here is now the list:

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Presentations from DevConf and FOSDEM 2018

06 Feb 2018 — by Thomas Huth

During the past two weeks, there were two important conferences for Open Source developers in Europe, where you could also enjoy some QEMU related presentations. The following QEMU-related talks were held at the DevConf 2018 conference in Brno:

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Presentations from KVM Forum 2019

21 Nov 2019 — by Thomas Huth

Last month, the KVM Forum 2019 took place in Lyon, France. The conference also featured quite a lot talks about QEMU, and now the videos of the presentation are available online. So for those who could not attend, here is the list of the QEMU-related presentations:

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KVM Forum 2023: Call for presentations

08 Mar 2023

KVM Forum is an annual event that presents a rare opportunity for KVM and QEMU developers and users to discuss the state of Linux virtualization technology and plan for the challenges ahead. Sessions include updates on the state of the KVM virtualization stack, planning for the future, and many opportunities for attendees to collaborate.

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