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GSoC and Outreachy 2018 retrospective

23 Jan 2019

QEMU participates in open source internship programs including Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and Outreachy. These full-time remote work opportunities allow talented new developers to get involved in our community. This post highlights what our interns achieved in 2018.

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QEMU 4.0 adds micro:bit emulation support

22 May 2019

micro:bit emulation support is available from QEMU 4.0 onwards and can be used for low-level software testing and development. Unlike existing micro:bit simulators, QEMU performs full-system emulation and actually runs the same ARM code as the real hardware. This blog post explains what full-system emulation means and why QEMU is now a useful tool for developing micro:bit software.

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Fuzzing QEMU Device Emulation

07 Nov 2019 — by Stefan Hajnoczi and Alexander Oleinik

QEMU ( emulates a large number of network cards, disk controllers, and other devices needed to simulate a virtual computer system, called the “guest”.

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