Apply for a QEMU Google Summer of Code internship

07 Mar 2022

We have great news to share: QEMU has been accepted as a Google Summer of Code 2022 organization! Google Summer of Code is an open source internship program offering paid remote work opportunities for contributing to open source. The internship runs from June 13th to September 12th.

Now is the chance to get involved in QEMU development! The QEMU community has put together a list of project ideas here.

Google has dropped the requirement that you need to be enrolled in a higher education course. We’re excited to work with a wider range of contributors this year! For details on the new eligibility requirements, see here.

You can submit your application from April 4th to 19th.

GSoC interns work together with their mentors, experienced QEMU contributors who support their interns in their projects. Code developed during the internship is submitted through the same open source development process that all QEMU contributions follow. This gives interns experience with contributing to open source software. Some interns then choose to pursue a career in open source software after completing their internship.

If you have questions about applying for QEMU GSoC, please email Stefan Hajnoczi or ask on the #qemu-gsoc IRC channel.