KVM Forum 2023: Call for presentations

08 Mar 2023

KVM Forum is an annual event that presents a rare opportunity for KVM and QEMU developers and users to discuss the state of Linux virtualization technology and plan for the challenges ahead. Sessions include updates on the state of the KVM virtualization stack, planning for the future, and many opportunities for attendees to collaborate.

This year’s event will be held in Brno, Czech Republic on June 14-15, 2023. It will be in-person only and will be held right before the DevConf.CZ open source community conference.

June 14 will be at least partly dedicated to a hackathon or “day of BoFs”. This will provide time for people to get together and discuss strategic decisions, as well as other topics that are best solved within smaller groups.

Call for presentations

We encourage you to submit presentations via the KVM Forum CfP page. Suggested topics include:

  • Scalability and Optimization
  • Hardening and security
  • Confidential computing
  • Testing
  • KVM and the Linux Kernel:
    • New Features and Ports
    • Device Passthrough: VFIO, mdev, vDPA
    • Network Virtualization
    • Virtio and vhost
  • Virtual Machine Monitors and Management:
    • VMM Implementation: APIs, Live Migration, Performance Tuning, etc.
    • Multi-process VMMs: vhost-user, vfio-user, QEMU Storage Daemon
    • QEMU without KVM: Hypervisor.framework and other hypervisors
    • Managing KVM: Libvirt, KubeVirt, Kata Containers
  • Emulation:
    • New Devices, Boards and Architectures
    • CPU Emulation and Binary Translation

The deadline for submitting presentations is April 2, 2023 - 11:59 PM PDT. Accepted speakers will be notified on April 17, 2023.

Attending KVM Forum

Admission to KVM Forum and DevConf.CZ is free. However, registration is required and the number of attendees is limited by the space available at the venue.

The DevConf.CZ program will feature technical talks on a variety of topics, including cloud and virtualization infrastructure—so make sure to register for DevConf.CZ as well if you would like to attend.

Both conferences are committed to fostering an open and welcoming environment for everybody. Participants are expected to abide by the Devconf.cz code of conduct and media policy.