Arm Realview boards (realview-eb, realview-eb-mpcore, realview-pb-a8, realview-pbx-a9)

Several variants of the Arm RealView baseboard are emulated, including the EB, PB-A8 and PBX-A9. Due to interactions with the bootloader, only certain Linux kernel configurations work out of the box on these boards.

Kernels for the PB-A8 board should have CONFIG_REALVIEW_HIGH_PHYS_OFFSET enabled in the kernel, and expect 512M RAM. Kernels for The PBX-A9 board should have CONFIG_SPARSEMEM enabled, CONFIG_REALVIEW_HIGH_PHYS_OFFSET disabled and expect 1024M RAM.

The following devices are emulated:

  • ARM926E, ARM1136, ARM11MPCore, Cortex-A8 or Cortex-A9 MPCore CPU

  • Arm AMBA Generic/Distributed Interrupt Controller

  • Four PL011 UARTs

  • SMC 91c111 or SMSC LAN9118 Ethernet adapter

  • PL110 LCD controller

  • PL050 KMI with PS/2 keyboard and mouse

  • PCI host bridge

  • PCI OHCI USB controller

  • LSI53C895A PCI SCSI Host Bus Adapter with hard disk and CD-ROM devices

  • PL181 MultiMedia Card Interface with SD card.