AVR System emulatorΒΆ

Use the executable qemu-system-avr to emulate a AVR 8 bit based machine. These can have one of the following cores: avr1, avr2, avr25, avr3, avr31, avr35, avr4, avr5, avr51, avr6, avrtiny, xmega2, xmega3, xmega4, xmega5, xmega6 and xmega7.

As for now it supports few Arduino boards for educational and testing purposes. These boards use a ATmega controller, which model is limited to USART & 16-bit timer devices, enought to run FreeRTOS based applications (like https://github.com/seharris/qemu-avr-tests/blob/master/free-rtos/Demo/AVR_ATMega2560_GCC/demo.elf ).

Following are examples of possible usages, assuming demo.elf is compiled for AVR cpu

  • Continuous non interrupted execution: qemu-system-avr -machine mega2560 -bios demo.elf

  • Continuous non interrupted execution with serial output into telnet window: qemu-system-avr -machine mega2560 -bios demo.elf -serial tcp::5678,server,nowait -nographic and then in another shell telnet localhost 5678

  • Debugging wit GDB debugger: qemu-system-avr -machine mega2560 -bios demo.elf -s -S and then in another shell avr-gdb demo.elf and then within GDB shell target remote :1234

  • Print out executed instructions: qemu-system-avr -machine mega2560 -bios demo.elf -d in_asm