QEMU Advent Calendar 2020 Announcement and Call for Images

26 Nov 2020

QEMU Advent Calendar 2020 is around the corner and we are looking for volunteers to contribute disk images that showcase something cool, bring back retro computing memories, or simply entertain with a puzzle or game.

QEMU Advent Calendar publishes a QEMU disk image each day from December 1-24. Each image is a surprise designed to delight an audience consisting of the QEMU community and beyond. You can see previous years at https://www.qemu-advent-calendar.org/

You can help us make this year’s calendar awesome by:

Here are the requirements for disk images:

  • Content must be freely redistributable (i.e. no proprietary license that prevents distribution). For GPL based software, you need to provide the source code, too.
  • Provide a name and a short description of the disk image (e.g. with hints on what to try)
  • Provide a ./run shell script that prints out the name and description/hints and launches QEMU
  • Provide a 320x240 screenshot/image/logo for the website
  • Size should be ideally under 100 MB per disk image (but if some few images are bigger, that should be OK, too)

Check out this disk image as an example of how to distribute an image. Links to files over 25MB are appreciated in lieu of email attachments.

PS: QEMU Advent Calendar is a secular calendar (not religious). The idea is to create a fun experience for the QEMU community which can be shared with everyone. You don’t need to celebrate Christmas or another religious festival to participate!