QEMU version 4.1.0 released

16 Aug 2019

We would like to announce the availability of the QEMU 4.1.0 release. This release contains 2000+ commits from 176 authors.

You can grab the tarball from our download page. The full list of changes are available in the Wiki.

Highlights include:

  • ARM: FPU emulation support for Cortex-M CPUs, FPU fixes for Cortex-R5F
  • ARM: ARMv8.5-RNG extension support for CPU-generated random numbers
  • ARM: board build options now configurable via new Kconfig-based system
  • ARM: Exynos4210 SoC model now supports PL330 DMA controllers
  • MIPS: improved emulation performance of numerous MSA instructions, mostly integer and data permuting operations
  • MIPS: improved support for MSA ASE instructions on big-endian hosts, handling for ‘division by zero’ cases now matches reference hardware
  • PowerPC: pseries: support for NVIDIA V100 GPU/NVLink2 passthrough via VFIO
  • PowerPC: pseries: in-kernel acceleration for XIVE interrupt controller
  • PowerPC: pseries: supporting for hot-plugging PCI host bridges
  • PowerPC: emulation optimizations for vector (Altivec/VSX) instructions
  • RISC-V: support for new “spike” machine model
  • RISC-V: ISA 1.11.0 support for privileged architectures
  • RISC-V: improvements for 32-bit syscall ABI, illegal instruction handling, and built-in debugger
  • RISC-V: support for CPU topology in device trees
  • s390: bios support for booting from ECKD DASD assigned to guest via vfio-ccw
  • s390: emulation support for all “Vector Facility” instructions
  • s390: additional facilities and support for gen15 machines, including support for AP Queue Interruption Facility for using interrupts for vfio-ap devices
  • SPARC: sun4m: sun4u: fixes when running with -vga none (OpenBIOS)
  • x86: emulation support for new Hygon Dhyana and Intel SnowRidge CPU models
  • x86: emulation support for RDRAND extension
  • x86: md-clear/mds-no feature flags, for detection/mitigation of MDS vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2018-12130, CVE-2019-11091)
  • x86: CPU die topology now configurable using -smp …,dies=
  • Xtensa: support for memory protection unit (MPU) option
  • Xtensa: support for Exclusive Access option
  • GUI: virtio-gpu 2D/3D rendering may now be offloaded to an external vhost-user process, such as QEMU vhost-user-gpu
  • GUI: semihosting output can now be redirected to a chardev backend
  • qemu-img: added a –salvage option to qemu-img convert, which prevents the conversion process from aborting on I/O errors (can be used for example to salvage partially corrupted qcow2 files)
  • qemu-img: qemu-img rebase works now even when the input file doesn’t have a backing file yet
  • VMDK block driver now has read-only support for the seSparse subformat
  • GPIO: support for SiFive GPIO controller
  • and lots more…

Thank you to everyone involved!