A new website for QEMU

04 Feb 2017 — by Paolo Bonzini

At last, QEMU’s new website is up!

The new site aims to be simple and provides the basic information needed to download and start contributing to QEMU. It complements the wiki, which remains the central point for developers to share information quickly with the rest of the community.

We tried to test the website on most browsers and to make it lightweight and responsive. It is built using Jekyll and the source code for the website can be cloned from the qemu-web.git repository. Just like for any other project hosted by QEMU, the best way to propose or contribute a new change is by sending a patch through the qemu-devel@nongnu.org mailing list. Please add [qemu-web PATCH] to the subject so that CI will not confuse it with a qemu.git patch (if you run git config format.subjectprefix 'qemu-web PATCH', then git-send-email command will do it for you).

For example, if you would like to add a new screenshot to the homepage, you can clone the qemu-web.git repository, add a PNG file to the screenshots/ directory, and edit the _data/screenshots.yml file to include the new screenshot.

Blog posts about QEMU are also welcome; they are simple HTML or Markdown files and are stored in the _posts/ directory of the repository.